Election of the chairman and deputy chairman, Duties of the Chairman

Before, transacting any business, except the oath taking ceremony, the senate will chose its Chairman and Deputy Chairman among its members. If the office of Chairman or Deputy Chairman becomes vacant, the Senate will elect another member as a Chairman or Deputy Chairman as the case may be. Oath of the office.
It is circumvent upon the Chairman and Deputy Chairman to take an oath before the Senate before entering upon their offices in the form set out in the Third Schedule.

Vacancy in the office

The office of the Chairman or Deputy Chairman may become vacant if.

  • He resigns his office,
  • He ceases to be a member of the senate,
  • He is removed from the office.

Duties of the Chairman under constitution

The duties of the Chairman are the same as of the Speaker. Further he is to act as President of the State when the office of President is vacant, or the President is absent or is unable to perform his functions due to any reason. Chairman or Deputy Chairman is not provided at a meeting of Senate when a resolution for his removal is being considered.

Term of office

The term of office of the Chairman or the Deputy Chairman is three year from the day of on which he enters upon his office.


The Chairman can resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the President. The resignation of the Deputy Chairman is to be addressed to the Chairman.


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