Modern political system (Types of political system)

Modern political system (Types of political system)
They are differentiated from each other on the basis of the principles of
1). Democracy 
2). Modernity. 
A political system is said to be democratic if its political subsystem, like political parties or interest groups, enjoy autonomy with regard to the decision-making governmental system. If not, it is a traditional political system. Hence there are four types of political systems, as under
1). Traditional non-democratic political system.
2). Traditional democratic political system.
3). Modern non-democratic Political System.
David Easton
The first political scientist to apply systems analysis to politics in his book, The Political System, which he wrote in 1953. The concept of political system was very formally the sold by the political scientist. Easton defines a political system is that system of the interactions in any society through which binding or authoritative allocations are made and implemented. Authoritative allocations relate to the values or objects or resources of human needs and desires. They can be roughly translated as laws or acts of policy.
Easton’s model of the political system consists of two main parts the environment and the political system as such. The political system consists of 
(1). The conversion process, 
(2). The inputs, 
(3). The outputs, 
(4). The feedback. According to Easton, there are, besides the political system, two other political systems. One of them is bellow it, which he called Para-political system, e.g. political panics, pressure groups, etc. and the other is above it, namely the international political system. But it is the national political system which is political system par excellence because it alone makes and implements authoritative decisions allocating values or goods and resources to individuals, and groups, in the society.


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