Types of Law List

  • Administrative Law (Govt. Law, Public Law, Regulatory Law)
  • Admirality and Maritime Law
  • Advertising and Marketing (Media Law, Entertainment Law)
  • Agriculture Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration,
  • Animal Law
  • Antitrust and Trade Regulations
  • Appellate
  • Architectural and Engineering Law
  • Aviation and Aerospace (Transportation)
  • Banking (Finance, Financial Institutions and Services, Banking Regulation)
  • Bankruptcy (Foreclosure, Insolvency, Reorganization, Workout, Debtor and Creditor, Collections)
  • Biotechnology
  • Bond (Municipal Finance, Securities)
  • Business
  • Business Litigation
  • Capital Markets
  • Charities
  • Civil Rights
  • Collections (Bankruptcy, Debtor and Creditor)
  • Commercial Law (Transactions, Commercial Litigation)
  • Commodities (Securities)
  • Communications and Telecommunications
  • Competitive Practices (Antitrust and Trade Regulations)
  • Computer and Internet Law (Intellectual Property, Technology)
  • Condemnation (Eminent Domain)
  • Construction Law (Architectural and Engineering Law; Real Estate, Construction Litigation)
  • Cooperative and Condominium (Real Estate)
  • Copyright (Intellectual Property)
  • Corporate (Antitrust and Trade Regulations, Transactions, Corporate Litigation)
  • Corporate Finance (Bond, Finance, Securities)
  • Creditors’ Rights (Debtor and Creditor)
  • Criminal Defense (White-Collar Criminal Law)
  • Debtor and Creditor (Creditors’ Rights)
  • Domestic Relations (Family Law)
  • Drug (Food and Drug)
  • E-Commerce, E-Business
  • Education Law
  • Eminent Domain (Condemnation, Land Use, Real Estate)
  • Employee Benefits (ERISA and Executive Compensation, Labor and Employment)
  • Energy (Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Utilities)
  • Engineering (Construction Law)
  • Entertainment Law (Media, Entertainment Litigation) Environmental Law (CERCLA, FIFRA, RCRA, Land Use, Natural Resources, Toxic
  • Torts, Environmental Litigation)
  • ERISA (Employee Benefits, Pension)
  • Estates and Trusts (Probate)
  • Family Law (Domestic Relations, Matrimonial Law)
  • Federal Income Tax (Taxation)
  • Fiduciary Law (Estates and Trusts)
  • Finance (Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions, Services, Private Finance, Placements)
  • Financial Institutions, Financial Services (Banking, Finance, Investment Companies)
  • Food and Drug (Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Biotechnology)
  • Foreclosure (Bankruptcy)
  • Foundations (Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Franchise Law
  • Futures and Options (Securities)
  • Government Affairs (Legislative Law, Lobbying)
  • Government Contracts
  • Governmental Law (Election Law, Administrative Law, Government Contracts, Legislative Law, Municipal)
  • Health Care Law (Professional Liability)
  • Housing and Urban Development (Real Estate)
  • Immigration Law
  • Import, Export (International Trade)
  • Indian Law
  • Insolvency (Bankruptcy)
  • Insurance (Insurance Defense and Regulation)
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Intellectual Property (Copyright, Patent and Trademark Law, Intellectual Property Litigation)
  • International Law, Transactions, International Litigation
  • International Trade
  • Investment Companies (Commodities, Financial Institutions and Services, Securities)
  • Joint Ventures (Partnerships, Joint Ventures)
  • Labor and Employment (Safety and Health, Employee Benefits, Labor and Employment Litigation)
  • Land Use (Zoning, Eminent Domain, Environmental Law)
  • Leasing, Lease Finance (Real Estate)
  • Legislative Law (Government Affairs, Governmental Law, Lobbying)
  • Lending (Finance)
  • Litigation (Appellate, Business, Commercial Law, Construction, Corporate, Labor, Real
  • Estate, Securities)
  • Lobbying (Governmental Affairs, Legislative Law)
  • Maritime Law (Admirality and Maritime Law)
  • Matrimonial Law (Family Law)
  • Media (Advertising and Marketing, Entertainment Law)
  • Medical (Health Care Law) Medical Malpractice (Professional Liability)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mining (Natural Resources)
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Municipal (Bond, Government Affairs, Governmental Law, Municipal Finance, Public Finance)
  • Natural Resources (Mining and Water, Energy, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (Charities)
  • Oil and Gas (Energy, Natural Resources)
  • Partnerships, Joint Ventures
  • Patent (Intellectual Properties)
  • Pension (Employee Benefits)
  • Personal Injury (Torts)
  • Personal Services
  • Pharmaceuticals (Food and Drug)
  • Private Finance, Placements (Finance)
  • Privatization (Business)
  • Probate (Estates and Trusts)
  • Products Liability (Torts)
  • Professional Liability (Medical Malpractice, Torts)
  • Project Finance (Public Finance)
  • Public Agency (Governmental Law)
  • Public Finance (Municipal Finance)
  • Public Law (Administrative Law)
  • Public Utility (Utilities)
  • Real Estate (Real Estate Tax, Eminent Domain, Leasing, Lease Finance)
  • Regulated Industries (Energy, Utilities)
  • Regulatory Law (Administrative Law, Banking Regulation, Regulated Industries)
  • Resorts and Casino Law
  • Safety and Health (Labor and Employment)
  • Science (Technology)
  • Securities (Corporate Finance, Securities Litigation)
  • Sports Law
  • State and Local Taxes (Taxation)
  • Subrogation (Insurance)
  • Syndications
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations (Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Taxation
  • Technology and Science (Biotechnology, Computer Law, Food and Drug, Intellectual Property)
  • Telecommunications (Communications and Telecommunications)
  • Torts (Environmental Law, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Liability)
  • Toxic Torts
  • Trade Regulation (Antitrust and Trade Regulation)
  • Trademark (Intellectual Property) Transactions (Commercial Law, Corporate Law)
  • Transportation (Admiralty and Maritime Law, Aviation and Aerospace)
  • Trusts (Estates and Trusts)
  • Utilities (Energy, Regulated Industries)
  • Venture Capital (Finance)
  • Water (Natural Resources)
  • White-Collar Criminal Law (Criminal Defense)
  • Workers’ Compensation (Labor and Employment)
  • Workout (Bankruptcy)
  • Zoning (Land use)


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