• Nature, Origin and Basis of International Law
  • Material Source of International Law
  • Subjects of International Law
  • Relation between International State law
  • States in General
  • Recognition
  • State Territorial Sovereignty
  • State Jurisdiction
  • State Responsibility
  • Succession to Rights and obligation
  • The State and the individual
  • The State and the Economic Interest
  • Diplomatic Envoys, Councils and other representatives
  • The Law and Practice as to Treaties
  • The International +Disputes
  • War, Armed Conflicts and other Hostilities
  • Neutrality
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Institute including international Criminal Court


  • Principles of public International Law by Brownie,
  • International Law by Oppenheiun , Vol.I & II Edited by H. Lauter Pacht
  • Introduction to International Law by J G Strake.
  • Law of Nations, Brierly, J L.
  • International aw by Schwazanberger
  • International Law by Tandon
  • International Law by DH Harris.
  • International Humanitarian Law- A compilation of selected Texts by ICRC-Pakistan
  • International Institutions by D W Bowett.


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