English Jurisprudence Important Question

  • What is legislation? What is the Importance of Legislation? What is supreme legislation?
  • Circumstances which reduce the binding force of precedent.
  • What are requisites of a local custom as a source of law?
  • What is Mens Rea embraces various specious – carryout a detailed juristic analysis thereof.
  • Obligation is synonymous with duty – do you support this view?
  • How does jurisprudence with problems of acts and liabilities of corporations.
  • Define jurisprudence, its kinds, nature, value, and purpose of analytical jurisprudence.
  • Legal status of dead person and unborn child.
  • Theories of punishments.
  • Main points of concept of possession and also let explain incorporeal possession.
  • Explain and illustrate objectives of civil rights.
  • Law as justice, stability, and peaceful change.
  • Administration of justice – purposes and difference between civil and criminal.
  • What is substantive law and law of procedure.
  • Authority of precedent and authoritative precedent.
  • Meaning of legislation – chief forms of subordinate legislation.
  • Factors which render an agreement as invalid – various kinds of agreements.
  • Disregard of precedent and its importance.
  • What are local custom Define essential features of a valid custom?
  • What is accident? How it is defense against civil liability?
  • International law is a proper law or not?
  • Law is a command of Sovereignty.
  • Why the term, law has no neat and simple definition?
  • Why accident is exempt and form criminal liability?
  • What is equity? How it different from common law?
  • What is the Meaning of Property? Define modes of acquisition of property.
  • Define that courts are lawmaker?
  • What are Legal sources of law? Define authoritative and un-authoritative Legal sources.
  • What is difference between Question of fact and law.
  • What is mixed question of law and fact.
  • What is the Primary and secondary functions of courts of law.
  • What are the principles of interpretation of enacted law?
  • What is the Meaning of evidence rules and its kinds
  • Immediate and mediate possessions.
  • Commercial Good will.
  • What is negligence define contributory negligence?
  • What is strict liability?
  • What is general and special law?
  • What is obligation and soldiery legislation?
  • Notes on Imperative theory of law.
  • Why Legislation is superior to precedent?
  • Who is legal person? Define double personality technical law vicarious liability?
  • What is law territorial?
  • Which Functions assumed by civil courts.
  • What is Quasi contracts Obligation arising from contracts and torts.



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